Sarah Palin, former vice-presidential candidate, almost-one-term governor of Alaska and perpetually perplexing pontificator, recently delivered new soundbites to enliven and infuriate her supporters and enemies respectively.

Professional Troll Sarah Palin (Source: WikiMedia Commons)

Professional Troll Sarah Palin (Source: WikiMedia Commons)

Following a recent speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit (charitably described as “disjointed” by even conservative critics), Palin’s verbal diarrhea may have finally drowned her “political prospects.” This assumes Palin ever seriously intended to run for office again. Following her resignation from the Alaskan governorship, Palin has pursued a lucrative career in punditry, book deals, speaking engagements and reality TV. It’s difficult to imagine even a “maverick” like Palin enjoying the downgrade in pay and notoriety that comes with public office.

But while the first lady of verbal trainwrecks continues to pile on the prolixity, the best we can do is enjoy it.

On Thursday, Palin addressed the North American Prospect Expo in Houston, Texas. She was greeted by a standing ovation, according to Forbes, and left with one, too. She called out President Obama for refusing to open up protected Alaskan land for oil drilling, referring to his proposal to restrict oil drilling in 12 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Obama did this, she said, “to really stick it to the American people.”

“The administration is not understanding the inherent link between energy and security and energy and prosperity,” she later added. “He’s rewarding the environmentalists who are extreme in saying there would be environmental harm in developing ANWR.”

Palin compared the land that needed to be drilled as a “postage stamp in the middle of a football field.” Furthermore, “the animals like the warmth” that pipelines give off. They even mate under there, she said, though admitted, “I haven’t actually seen it.”

A pipeline in the area – or elsewhere, as in the controversial Keystone XL – is a “no-brainer,” she said. “We have millions of miles of pipe streaming across this country. It’s the safest way to transport friendly fuel. It’s a shame [President Obama] has taken off the possibilities for America and for Canada to transport this fuel. It will get to market somehow.”

If one were to argue with Ms. Palin, one might say that it’s not safe. One might say that there were five fossil fuel disasters in the U.S. in January alone, four of which were pipeline related, and all of which have negatively impacted the communities in which they occurred. But arguing with Ms. Palin would dignify the statements of someone who – with a straight face – said that any caribou hurt by oil drilling “should take one for the team and allow the rest of the country to benefit.”

There are some amongst the Planet Experts staff who believe that Ms. Palin doesn’t really believe anything she says, because she’s willing to say whatever she needs to to collect the generous paychecks that come from speaking at events like Freedom Summits and Prospect Expos.

After all, this is the same person who compared climate change science to eugenics and did it with a smile.

Sarah Palin is in on the joke. We can stop being offended if we just laugh with her too.

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