(This blog was originally written in September 2015 following Marc Ching’s first visit to China; as of this publication date, Marc is on his seventh rescue mission to Asia.  As our newest Planet Expert, Marc has allowed us to reprint his recollection of that experience here. To learn more about Marc and his organization, visit the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.)

I saved 57 dogs. A duck. And a little sheep today from getting all her fur ripped out.

More than that, I was able to set into stone a system that would perpetuate my belief. That would perpetuate and sustain a single effort to save dogs in China, into a more unified movement.

Marc Ching with the rescued duck and lamb. (Photo courtesy of Animal Health and Wellness Foundation)

Marc Ching with the rescued duck and lamb. (Photo courtesy of Animal Health and Wellness Foundation)

I had a lot of opposition coming here. People believing that to risk my life for a single action, that it did not warrant the sacrifice. But I came anyways. I came because, to me, it was about a moment. It was about saving as many dogs as I could. Not about changing the system. Or creating something that would last past this effort.

In the end, it is truly amazing how the world works. How if our intentions are pure and our heart just – how it just all comes together.

I left America without a plan. I left America without knowing anyone here. Without making hotel reservations. Without anything but a bag and a ticket.

People keep asking me what I came for. I tell them to save dogs. I tell them to make whatever change I can with these hands. I speak about a movement, of a belief, and of a culture that imbues humanism and compassion. Almost everyone I met believed in this same belief. Almost everyone I met selflessly extended their hand to me.

In Guangzhou, a lady from Cameroon Africa who could speak English, accompanied me in the taxi for my hour long trek so I could find the slaughterhouse. When I fled into the streets and got lost, I met Frank, a Chinese national who guided me back towards the city. Back towards the airport.

And today, after saving even more dogs and heading to see a Chinese puppy mill – I found myself surrounded by orphaned Chinese babies and abandoned children. It is here that I found the greatest gift of my journey, a way to make this movement lasting.

I will be teaming up with the Little Flower Orphanage to create a more sustained system. They have a farm that I will use to create the first dog sanctuary in Beijing, so that we can save as many dogs as we can from a life of abuse and torture in China. In return I will pay the orphans there to take care of the dogs. To train them and nurture them so they are healthy enough to be adopted out locally, with the more horrific cases being flown back home to Los Angeles to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

My hope is that the sanctuary will grow, and this one starting point will blossom and become many. A way to teach and show the Chinese people how great and amazing dogs are. How they have souls, how they feel pain, how they cry, but most importantly how they love us no matter what. How they never pass judgement. And that regardless of how hard the world seems, when I come home after a long day, how my dog Ginkgo always sleeps under the covers with me. Always continues just to love me.

You cannot tell a country who does not have the same value system as we to love dogs. The only way is to plant a seed. And to let dogs themselves soften their hearts. In time I am certain you will no longer have a society that eats them. That no longer bashes in their skulls. Because their lives will now hold meaning.

I saved 57 dogs, a duck, a little lamb – and maybe in the long run – changed a nation.

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  1. m.kincer says:

    GOD-Bless youuuuuuuu !!! we love you for saving dogs !!! thank you sooooo much !!

  2. Coei says:

    This has got to be the most horrible situation to immwrse yourself into but thank you SO much for doing it!!!

  3. Doris says:

    God bless you an your family , to give you the inner strength in being the voice of all these innocent animals being killed for meat .
    We all need to be with you on this .
    Please people let’s share an help.
    Praying from canada
    This needs to be stopped no matter what ?.

  4. Doris says:

    Let’s help an be the voices to the dog meat trade that this needs to stop the killing of innocent animals I think this belief is nonsense not right to kill .
    God bless you an give you the strength to help an fight for theses animals .
    We all need to help in anyway to stop these killings .

  5. Regina says:

    Wow, I cried watching you. You are such a beautiful human being I wish I could help you. God blessed you always.

  6. Maureen Davis says:

    You are an amazing person, and an example that there are still good people left in this world. Thank you for your compassion and for your fearless pursuit of help for these poor defenseless animals who deserve nothing more than to be loved and appreciated in this world.

  7. Lilly says:

    What an amazing human being you are. I share all of the same feelings about dogs. God bless you.

  8. K says:

    Good god. I almost passed out watching the G rated version. I have 3 dogs. 2 rescued from bad situations but nothing compared to that. How can any human do that to a poor defenseless animal…. But as a I say that as a nurse I’ve seen horrors done to innocent children here. It’s all awful. You’re a brave man. Thank you for trying to save these poor animals and end this horrible disgusting meat trade…. ????????????????????????????

  9. MicDogman says:


    May the universe smile upon you, and provide you with all the aid you need to continue your quest to end this horrible practice. You are a wonderful human being, and we all admire your brave efforts.

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