The #SaveTheCheetah billboard located at 1500 Broadway at the corner of 43rd. (Photo Credit: CCF)

Cheetah Mobile and Cheetah Conservation Fund have partnered on a new campaign to save the cheetah, and we need your help.

One hundred years ago there were 100,000 wild cheetahs, today there’s less than 10,000. Problems like human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss threaten to drive the world’s fastest land mammal to extinction. That’s why we put our message on a video screen in Times Square, New York — the crossroads of the world — to bring attention to this problem and ignite people to action. (Watch the video from the billboard below)

You found this page, and that’s a good start. Now here are some simple ways you can make a big difference for the cheetah.

  1. Tell your friends and family about the campaign
  2. Spread the word through social media – #SaveTheCheetah
  3. Visit our CCF & Cheetah Mobile Facebook pages become a fan
  4. Buy a T-shirt or a book about the cheetah
  5. Make a donation to support CCF programs

Donate Now
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Photo Credit: CCF

(This article originally appeared on CCF. It has been reprinted here with permission.)

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