Actress Shailene Woodley was arrested by police on Monday for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Sioux County, North Dakota. The Snowden star was charged with two misdemeanor counts, including trespassing and engaging in a riot. Woodley contends that she and her fellow activists (nearly 100 in all) were engaging in a “peaceful protest” when police appeared in riot gear.

The 24-year-old actress uploaded a video of herself being arrested to her Facebook page.

“I don’t know if you guys just heard me, but I was walking back to my RV, which is right there so that we can go back to camp peacefully and they grabbed me by my jacket and said that I was not allowed to continue,” she states in the video. “And they had giant guns and batons and zip ties and they’re not letting me go.”

Woodley questioned the police why she was being arrested. “Is it because I’m famous?” she asked. “Is it because people know who I am?”

An officer informed Woodley that she was trespassing on a construction site, to which she responded, “So did hundreds of people, we all did.”

The officers then told Woodley that she had been identified.

Woodley was one of 27 protesters arrested on Monday and is currently being held at the Morton County Jail in Mandan, North Dakota, 16 miles north of the protest site near St. Anthony.

This is not the first time the Hollywood starlet has protested the Dakota pipeline. An outspoken social activist, Woodley is the founder of Up to Us, an organization dedicated to teaching peaceful protest and disruption. The Divergent star has participated in several demonstrations alongside the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose land and burial grounds are located along the pipeline’s path.

Monday’s protest was held in response to a federal court’s rejection of the tribe’s request to stop construction on the pipeline. It is coincidental, though not insignificant, that the protest occurred on Columbus Day, a holiday that has grown increasingly controversial for its elevation of a man accused of initiating the largest genocide in world history.

In his book, American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World, historian David Stannard writes, “The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.”

If completed, the $3.7 billion Dakota Access Pipeline would stretch for 1,170 miles and transport 470,000 barrels of oil across four states per day.

Tweets from Shailene Woodley's Twitter account on Sunday and Monday.

Tweets from Shailene Woodley’s Twitter account on Sunday and Monday.

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