Sharks Face Extinction at the Hands of Humans

Between Shark Week and news stories, the only time sharks get media exposure is when they attack a human. To many, sharks are something to be feared. That being said, there’s something much more terrifying than the rare shark attack. What humans are doing to sharks couldn’t be imagined in the most violent of horror movies. The photo below, via Shawn Heinrichs and Racing Extinction, shows a real shark attack.

This is what a real shark attack looks like.

What you’re looking at is a massacre; sharks killed by the millions for their fins. It’s both heartbreaking and frustrating to look at an image like this, but it’s reality.

How can you help save the sharks? You can share images such as the one above to help raise awareness, Watch Racing Extinction, and tell Congress to ban the trade of shark fins in the U.S.

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