Wolf Creek Pass provides vital habitat for the threatened Canada Lynx.

Wolf Creek Pass provides vital habitat for the threatened Canada Lynx.

Wolf Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado forms the pristine headwaters of the Rio Grande and San Juan Rivers. Bridging the South San Juan and Weminuche Wilderness Areas, the pass is beloved for stunning vistas and ample opportunities for backcountry recreation along the Continental Divide.

It is also one of the most biologically important areas in the Southern Rockies, providing habitat and migration pathways for elk, deer, black bear and the threatened Canada lynx. In fact, Wolf Creek Pass hosts some of the best remaining, critical and high-functioning lynx habitat in the state.

Recently, the U.S. Forest Service approved a land exchange with a private developer, which will set the stage for a large scale development – 8,000 year round residents in over 1,700 units — in some of the most important wildlife habitat in the heart of West. This so-called “village” will replace the majestic beauty of this wild and scenic land with condos, hotels, retail stores, traffic, noise, transmission lines, and nighttime light pollution. All of this has been set into motion without the legally required transparent analysis of the development’s impacts.

You can help to stop this pillage! Please sign the Friends of Wolf Creek petition asking the U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell to immediately stop the land exchange, and to provide a full and independent review of this regional decision and the decision making process. Add your voice to the hundreds of concerned individuals who have spoken up from 48 states, and 47 countries: http://bit.ly/NoPillage.

For more information on this issue please visit: www.friendsofwolfcreek.org

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