Submission Guidelines

We encourage our Experts, NGOs and Contributors to submit the following – along with any accompanying photos, videos and infographics – to our editor, Brian, at [email protected]

  • Short opinion pieces
  • Longer feature articles

Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces are an excellent opportunity to express yourself and change minds with a well-constructed argument based on your specific experience and expertise.

Some tips:

  • Keep your pieces short. Limiting yourself to 500-750 words will increase your chances of persuading your audience.
  • Remember that you’re writing for lay readers. The most forceful arguments will be simple and free of jargon. Put complicated concepts in terms that your audience will understand.
  • Bolster your argument with citations. Hyperlink to your sources in the text of your article (rather than using footnotes).
  • Lean on your expertise. There’s a reason that you’re writing this piece. Be sure to invoke personal experiences and anecdotes to make your argument stand out and resonate.

Feature Articles

Feature articles enable you to dive deeper through insightful analysis and original reporting.
To make sure that we’re on the same page before you begin writing your feature, we welcome short pitches and are always happy to offer constructive feedback.

Some tips:

  • Explore a specific topic through a unique lens. The most compelling features include fresh angles, discerning scrutiny, and intriguing narratives. (Be sure to steer clear of hard news, broad overviews, and academic writing.
  • Be thorough yet concise. Features in the 800-1200 word range typically provide enough room to delve into your topic without the risk of losing your audience’s attention.
  • Subheadings are invaluable. Breaking the article up into subheadings – 3 or 4 is a good bet – highlights your primary points and breaks the content down into more easily digestible sections.
  • Hyperlink to sources and references. While our site is geared towards a lay audience, many of our readers are interested in exploring topics further. Linking to other news articles, scientific papers, studies and other authorities will enable them to easily do so.
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