Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a mission-driven, consumer based social enterprise, which strives to support living wage jobs for tribe members in the hillside villages of rural Thailand.

With so many consumer-based companies being focused on profits and margins, we have created a marketplace in which the majority of the Western world’s goods are being made in unethical and slavery driven conditions. Yellow Leaf has taken a stand against the traditional supply chain and is using commercial consumerism as an opportunity to improve the lives of others by creating a sustainable and responsible supply chain.


Instead of handing out charity, Yellow Leaf believes, “That ethical job creation is an empowering long-term solution to extreme poverty.” The result is a powerful combination of a high quality, hand made hammock that also improves the lives of others throughout Thailand.

Yellow Leaf uses the term “prosperity wage” to describe how their business offers people in extreme poverty an opportunity to earn a living wage with dignified work. The company prides itself on the four pillars of sustainable economic development, which are environmental stewardship, social equality, economic health and cultural autonomy, as they apply these practices throughout their entire operation platform.


With their basis in providing sustainable and ethical work, Yellow Leaf also is analyzing the materials used and focuses solely on natural fibers. Spiraling outwards, this has resulted in a trickle down effect, as the amount of organic farming in the region has also increased as a result of Yellow Leafs business presence in these rural Thai communities.

With complete control over the direction of the company, Yellow Leaf works directly with the weavers and “[b]y focusing on livelihoods…can cut out the middle man, get money directly into the hands of smart + resourceful mothers and empower families to tackle their own problems (without being subject to anyone else’s agenda).”

This is extremely important, as they can operate on their own terms and are not victims of any special interest groups.


A B-corp certified brand, Yellow Leaf is an amazing example of how commercial enterprise can be a catalyst for well-being by offering fair wage opportunities to people living in extreme poverty. A steward for prosperity, Yellow Leaf Hammocks shines as they have rooted their supply chain in responsible, ethical labor and deliver a high quality product that ultimately supports the people and villages making it.

At a time when humans are consuming at exponential rates, we must reexamine how our products are manufactured and take responsibility for how we buy. We have an opportunity to vote with our dollar and support companies that are in the business of well-being by improving the lives of those responsible for manufacturing the product.

All Photos courtesy of Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

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