With the passing of October, Planet Experts looks back on the stories we ran this month and decides which were the most important to the environment and to the planet as a whole. We’ve looked at the 5 Best Things to Happen to the Planet, the 5 Worst Things to Happen to the Planet, the 4 Scariest Things to Happen to the Planet and the two stories we were happiest to report – now it’s time for something a little more fun.

Sometimes we report on news that isn’t really good or bad, it’s just really damn interesting. Case in point…

4) Here’s a Handy Infographic on Green Buildings

When a building is LEED-certified, it means that the structure follows a strict code of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It’s a fascinating field of work, and we’re happy to feature one of its foremost leaders, Scott Rodwin, as one of our Planet Experts. And that’s why we’re also happy to feature this stylish infographic on the benefits and services provided by greening buildings, created by one of our guest authors, CustomMade. Read More


3) The CCF Created a Carnivore Help Hotline

Say you’re farming in Namibia. You’re worried about cheetahs picking off your livestock, but you’ve also heard that they’re rapidly disappearing from the continent. That’s why the Cheetah Conservation Fund has created a 24/7 hotline for farmers to call with any questions about livestock predation or with issues relating to problem animals. Thanks to this hotline, farmers don’t have to immediately resort to attacking this endangered species. Since establishing the hotline in January, the CCF has received many calls, not just about cheetahs but also leopards and wild dogs, and helped avert further needless deaths. Read More


A cheetah on the S-28 at Lower Sabie, Kruger National Park, South Africa. (Photo Credit: Mukul2u / WikiMedia Commons)

2) #ActInParis Released a 360 Degree Climate Change Video

Now you can explore the effects of climate change in real time, thanks to this unique video created by the #ActInParis movement.

This virtual reality climate change PSA allows you to toggle up, down, left and right, across Alaska’s melting landscape, as you listen to Jared Leto explain why action is desperately needed at the Paris Climate Summit this December. Check it out below and learn more about the movement by clicking this link! Read More

1) We Found a Glowing Turtle

So here’s a piece of trivia you might not know: Until this past July, scientists were fairly certain there was no such thing as a glowing reptile. No glowing crocodiles, no glowing snakes, no glowing chuckwallas. Across the entire kingdom of reptilia, you wouldn’t find one species that glows…that is, you wouldn’t have, until a couple scientists spotted a glowing turtle off the coast of the Solomon Islands.

Gif created by io9

“I’ve been [studying turtles] for a long time and I don’t think anyone’s ever seen this,” said Alexander Gaos, director of the Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative. “This is really quite amazing.” Why does this sea turtle glow? And why didn’t we know this before? Read More

For more of the top stories of October 2015, check out these lists:

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