leoOn Tuesday, actor Leonardo DiCaprio delivered an address to a gathering of political and business leaders at the New York climate summit. 

Mr. DiCaprio, who has lent his star power to environmental advocacy since the late ’90s, was appointed the UN’s newest Messenger of Peace last week. The title, according to the UN’s outreach website, is bestowed upon “distinguished individuals, carefully selected from the fields of art, literature, science, entertainment, sports or other fields of public life, who have agreed to help focus worldwide attention on the work of the United Nations.”

“It’s an honor to accept the role of UN Messenger of Peace on Climate Change and to support the Secretary General in his efforts to address one of the most important issues we face as a global community,” said DiCaprio upon accepting the title. “I feel a moral obligation to speak out at this key moment in human history – it is a moment for action. How we respond to the climate crisis in the coming years will likely determine the fate of humanity and our planet.”

This morning, DiCaprio opened his remarks by acknowledging that, as an actor, his career has been built on playing imaginary roles.

“I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems,” he said. “ believe that mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were a fiction, as if pretending that climate change wasn’t real would somehow make it go away. But I think we all know better than that now.”

Watch the full speech below:

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