recent study by the University of Texas, Austin finds that young voters are more likely than any other generational demographic to vote for a candidate with an environmentally-friendly platform.

In a press release for the study, the University of Texas indicates that 68 percent of young voters under the age of 35 are likely to vote for a candidate who supports the reduction of carbon emissions. Additionally, 65 percent of young voters supported candidates who sought to expand incentives for renewable energy. By comparison, only 50 percent of voters over 35 are likely to vote for a candidate based on their carbon emissions stance.


As The Huffington Post reports, the poll asked 2,105 U.S. residents between September 4 and September 16 of this year about their voting habits, and 46 percent of all individuals polled indicated that energy and climate policy were major factors in deciding on a candidate to support.

Notably, the poll indicated double-digit gaps in responses between voters above and below age 35, with the one exception being natural gas, with 63 percent of older voters and 56 percent of younger voters supporting a candidate who was in favor of increased natural gas development.

In a comment to The Huffington Post, poll director Sheril Kirshenbaum observed, “A lot of [young] people grew up hearing about climate change, about how we should do things that are good for the planet. Maybe it’s just the norm for them.”

However, as Grist notes, while younger voters may be more engaged with environmental issues, they are less interested in the act of voting itself. Only 68 percent of younger respondents indicated they were likely to vote, compared to 87 percent of older participants.

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