Most everyone enjoys a cup of coffee now and then, but tea – well, tea is a much classier affair. Tea is for relaxing, tea is for when you’re sick, tea is a way to clear your mind. And tea time? That’s just a polite way to say you need a few minutes to chill out.

But what if you could chill out and save the world at the same time?

That’s the idea behind Numi Organic Tea’s new fundraising initiative: Tea Time for H2OPE.


The Money Is for Clean Water in Madagascar

In the fall of 2014, Numi launched its collection of Turmeric Teas with four distinct blends: Amber Sun, Three Roots, Golden Tonic and Fields of Gold. These teas are all organic and Fair Trade-certified, and come from Madagascar, an island off the southeastern coast of Africa.

If you’re thinking this Madagascar, you’re basically right…


…but the reality of Madagascar is a little less fun.

Across the island, getting clean water is an issue. Almost 12 million people do not have access to clean water. Improved sanitation is available to only 12 percent of the population. According to WaterAid, women and children can spend up to three hours per day collecting dirty water from unsafe sources – and that water can end up making them very, very sick.

That’s why Numi is urging its customers to help fundraise for improved water infrastructure on the island.

Here’s What You Can Do

The initiative is very simple. Host a tea party. Invite your friends and family and encourage them to make a tax-deductible donation to the cause. Once you’ve collected all the funds, send your donation to http://www.numitea.com/h2ope.

By making your donation to the Numi Foundation’s H2OPE Fund, you’re supporting an NGO that will build local water infrastructure. And, if these tea parties raise $15,000 by World Water Day on March 22, Numi will match that $15,000 as part of its one-percent pledge to fund projects for clean, safe drinking water.

There are also prizes involved! The first 50 hosts to raise $50 or more will receive a Tea Time for H2OP3 party-hosting kit, which includes Numi’s non-GMO, Fair Trade teas and teasans; a food-pairing guide; and party favors for up to 20 people. Hosts who raise more than $500 will be entered to win an electric kettle (designed to create the perfect cup of tea, natch). Hosts who raise over $1,000 will be entered to win the Grand Prize, a trip to the Esalent Institute in Big Sur, CA.

What Does Tea Have to Do With Water?

In a word: everything.

“What is tea without water?” said Ahmed Rahim, co-founder of Numi Organic Tea. “My sister Reem and I started Numi Organic Tea because we believe everyone deserves a good cup of quality tea. We have spent fifteen years focusing on the quality of the tea leaf, ensuring that each tea we produce is organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade Certified.”

Photo via Numi

Photo via Numi

The Tea Time for H2OPE initiative is just the latest step in Numi’s quest to improve the health and well-being of its Madagascan farming community. The company has been working closely with the farmers for the last two years.

“Tea Time for Hope was born on a recent trip to Madagascar to visit our turmeric farmers. We learned that the community was drinking dirty river water and often suffering from stomach illnesses as a result. Ensuring that our suppliers are healthy (both environmentally and physically) is of utmost importance to us. Partnering with suppliers is a central aspect of Numi’s ethos.”

Through Tea Time for H2OPE, Numi aims to raise enough money to build wells that will bring fresh, clean water to every member of its turmeric farming community.

“Their success is our success,” said Ahmed Rahim. “By coming Together for H2OPE, consumers and the communi’tea can join Numi in their aim to bring lasting change to this turmeric farming community. It all boils down to us.”

Check it out today at http://www.numitea.com/h2ope!

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