Julia Jaye Posin

"Through the use of non-violent action, inclusive dialogue, and innovation, there is great opportunity to empower individuals and communities around the world to embrace a deeper relationship with humanity, and our planet. It is our duty and privilege to live passionately and sustainably. It is my life’s purpose to relentlessly fight for the survival of that of which fosters all life."

Julia Jaye Posin holds a BA in Anthropology and Environmental Systems & Societies from UCLA, and has over a decade of experience producing highly leveraged events and campaigns in over a dozen villages and cities across the world.

Julia co-founded SteelStraw.com, a social good company focused on reducing single-use plastic pollution in our oceans

Julia was previously the Campaign Manager for Pat Harris for US Senate 2018, a progressive democratic campaign dedicated to Mitigating Climate Change, Medicare For All, getting Dark Money out of politics, and Criminal Justice Reform.

Focusing on the intersection of ecology and culture, Julia Jaye has worked extensively with artist and director John Quigley of Spectral Q to produce a diverse range of campaigns, human aerial art pieces, benefit concerts, and digital content all with the underlying theme of sustainability and social justice.

Julia Jaye is also a vocalist and songwriter.

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