Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy

The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to employing academic expertise and science in animal advocacy efforts.

Kimmela is the missing bridge between the scientific community and animal protection groups. Our work is published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at professional conferences. We also collaborate with other organizations to translate scientific findings into accessible and credible outreach and educational materials.

Kimmela has three main objectives in the areas of science application, social and cultural progress, and education and professionalism. Kimmela aims to:

(1) apply science and scholarship to animal advocacy efforts;

(2) place animal advocacy squarely in the academic and public mainstream; and

(3) create a professional path for scholar-advocates for animals.

Kimmela projects span the issues of dolphin and whale captivity, nonhuman rights, wildlife protection, cognition in farm animals, and the psychology underlying our relationships with other animals.

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