Peter Banner

Mr. Banner has over 35 years of experience in the renewable energy and demand side management fields. His areas of expertise in renewables encompasses solar, wind, biomass, and small hydro.

He was a founding member of the California-based Independent Energy Producers Association (IEP), serving on its Board of Directors from 1982 through 1986. Mr. Banner erected his first wind turbine in 1979 in an off the grid application. He has been project manager on numerous wind farm projects taking them from permitting through financing, construction and operation. He served on an advisory board of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for development of wind energy projects in the Coachella Valley in California.

Mr. Banner founded a company to remanufacture the 1980’s vintage Danish turbines. These wind turbines have been installed on farms in the mid-west and in Native Alaskan villages.

Internationally, Mr. Banner has represented a U.S. based manufacturer of large hydroelectric turbine runners and a manufacturer of meteorological and wind farm monitoring equipment in India. He was involved in establishing a third party wind farm O&M company in India. Besides India, Mr. Banner’s work has taken him to Europe, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, and China.

Outside the energy business, Mr. Banner has done general business consulting and investment banking. He has been the senior vice president of a NYC based boutique brokerage and the CEO and Chairman of the Board of a company that manufactured passive microwave components for the satellite and telecommunications industry.

Mr. Banner is a graduate of UCLA’s Global Sustainability program, holds a LEED GA certificate, and is certified as an energy auditor under the California Energy Commission and California Community Colleges program.

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