With two weeks to go before the G20 leaders meeting in Brisbane, Brisbane Airport has rejected a billboard proposal for an advertisement that features a farmer calling for action on climate change. The airport has been cited as calling the billboard “too political” for placement in its arrivals hall.

The billboard is part of a group effort by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Oxfam, Greenpeace, and multiple other environmental advocacy organizations, and was released in conjunction with a social media campaign. The original text of the billboard read, as the Guardian notes, “Action on climate change is #onmyagenda, Dear G20 leaders please put it on yours.” The text was later revised to remove the reference to G20 leaders, but the billboard was still rejected.

The #onmyagenda billboard featuring South Australian farmer David Bruer

The #onmyagenda billboard featuring South Australian farmer David Bruer

Australia has been notably resistant to include climate change on the G20 meeting agenda, claiming that it has no place on the agenda at an economic forum. After heavy lobbying from the United States and European governments, Australia still refused to list climate change as a major agenda item, but included a small paragraph about climate change in the meeting’s final communiqué, the Guardian reports. It bears mention that Australia has seen major growth in its coal economy at a time where other nations are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprints.

The Guardian reached out to WWF Chief Executive Dermot O’Gorman, who noted that the airport rejected the revised version of the advertisement, “because they consider climate change as being too political.”

O’Gorman added, “The #onmyagenda partners were surprised by the decision to reject the billboard. The reality is climate change is a global problem affecting economies, societies and environments all around the world, we can’t afford to sweep it under the carpet, we owe it to future generations to deal with it right here, right now.”

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  1. hikesocal says:

    And yet the leaders of the G20 decided to meet in Brisbane.
    Well, there you go.

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