In October, Scottish wind turbines generated enough electricity to power every home in Scotland, according to a report published by WWF Scotland last week.

windAs ThinkProgress reports, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) considered October to be a “bumper month” for renewable energy sources, as wind and solar power have stepped up to fill some of the energy gaps caused by unexpected shutdowns at nuclear facilities in the United Kingdom due to cracks and other mechanical failures.

This recent data is the latest victory for wind energy in the United Kingdom. In the month of August, the United Kingdom set a new record for wind power generation, which accounted for 17 percent of all power generation. In the first quarter of 2014 alone, Scotland generated 6,678 gigawatts of renewable energy. Scotland is also home to the United Kingdom’s largest wind farm.

Solar generation was also doing well last month. Data from WeatherEnergy provided to ThinkProgress indicates that in October, homes fitted with solar panels gathered enough solar energy to provide for 40 percent of those homes’ energy needs.

The United Kingdom’s recent gains in wind energy come shortly following a series of closures to nuclear power plants in the nation. EDF Energy announced earlier in 2014 that it was temporarily shutting down four of its nuclear reactors – which ThinkProgress notes is approximately a quarter of the company’s total nuclear energy capacity – due to questions of longevity and durability. The reactors were built in 1983 and are slated to be shut down permanently in 2019.

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  1. 1saveenergy says:

    You need to check raw data not copy & paste (WWF are not renowned for accuracy in reporting).
    Data from my UK solar array indicates that in October solar produced 39% of nameplate capacity, NOT of demand of those houses.

    All these false/spun claims of outputs are putting renewables in the same league as second hand car salesmen & estate agents…..that's NOT helpful, most of the public aren’t stupid.

    Without subsidies Solar is not economically viable in the UK or any where north of Madrid, as Germany has found out to it’s cost.

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